Soon 4gb DAG file for Ethereum mining , how to increase mining time for 4gb cards.

So Ethereum mining is very interesting. There is this thing called DAG file, which is processed in mining. Basically it is a file which is been loaded onto graphic cards memory. As ethereum block-chain size grows also DAG file size grows. Precise exactly 30000 clocks which is roughly 100hours. Current DAG file size at the time of writing this post is 3.78gb.

So how does the DAG file affect mining?

Graphic cards usually comes with memory size 2gb,3gb,4gb,6gb  and so on. This means if the DAG file is bigger then the memory module size on graphic cards , you simply wont be available to mine with your graphic card. If your GPU memory is bigger then DAG file ,you will be available to fit this DAG file on your card and mine with it. There is a lot of cards dropped already from mining ethereum.

But biggest drop probably will be when DAG file reaches 4bg size, because most of the mining farms where using 4gb RX 570/580/470/480  for mining Ethereum.  Because they have been the best price per hash and best watt per hash. If we check hiveos software statistics we can verify this :

  • 23% RX 570 4gb
  • 14% RX 470 4gb
  • 12% RX 580 4gb
  • 2% RX 480 4gb

Roughly 50% from all AMD cards using hiveos is 4gb cards, and AMD has been the best performing Graphic cards for Ethereum mining.

So there is few things what you can try to expand you mining life with 4gb cards. They already are starting to make issue. Using software like Ethos and claymore miner, incorrect drivers etc…

So the things to do :

1. Ensure you’re running HiveOS on the latest stable version and updates.
2. Switch your miner to the latest version of TeamRedMiner, Ethminer or Phoenixminer.
3. If your CPU has built-in graphics (iGPU), you can try enabling Internal Graphics on your motherboard’s BIOS and ensure it’s set to Default (Only applies if you have a monitor connected).
4. If you’re still running into issues after trying the above, try removing the “REF” parameter in the overclocking panel.

Using phoenix miner you will get the cards working till at-least epoch 372-373 which is end of October.  You can achieve this also on windows but you might run into issues if you run incorrect drivers, best drivers to use is to 19.7.5

Ethereum classic DAG file will reach Epoc 372 slightly faster around mid September , So i think Ethereum classic is in trouble of getting 51% attack around that time.

Video :

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