Secret sauce BIOS mod for RX 5700 Graphic cards.

Timing Bios mod for AMD cards is nothing new for increasing performance on Ethereum mining. Lately also available for RX 5700 graphic cards. Most simples is just applying 1500mhz straps down bellow, which increases performance by roughly 10-15%. But there is more to that, i was playing with the rom files. And figured out that editing Dram 12 timing also increases performance for mining ETH.

Mining is basically competition whoever can do most efficient. And you want to rigs run as efficient as you can.

So the steps are following to increase another 1-2 mh/s on top of your 1500mhz strap bios mod.

1.By default 1500mhz and down bellow DramTiming12 is set to 2850 and on some cards 2945.

2. You need to edit this to at least 6000 in (1550mhz,1750mhz,1800mhz,1875mhz,2000mhz). Some gpus timing starts from 1500mhz it really doesnt matter which bios you have. I tried both of these and seems like it is working just fine.

3. I have tested this on Asus Strix RX5700XT and also Gigabyte RX5700XT

What i have noticed your cvlt and mvdd also has to be low as possible , my cvdd was set to 760.

Im sure there is more to it and we can increase more performance by adjusting these timing. This process is very time consuming, and im sure people will find how to adjust more of this to increase mining speed.

Checkout full guide in video:

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